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Debunking Four Myths about Fire and Fire Damage Restoration

12/15/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison debunks four common myths about fire and fire damage restoration.

Debunking 4 Common Myths with Fire and Fire Damage Restoration

Few things destroy a home faster than fire. Although fire is warm and cozy when contained in a small campfire or fireplace, it causes immense damage when it spirals out of control. That’s why it’s vital to separate fact from fiction in case disaster strikes.

Believe it or not, there are many myths regarding fire and the damage it causes. Luckily, the fire damage restoration experts at SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison debunked a few common myths to protect homeowners during a fire. Below are four debunked fire and fire damage restoration myths that every homeowner should know.

1. Myth: Flames Are the Most Destructive Part of a Fire

Although flames do immense damage to a home’s structure, they aren’t the most destructive part of the fire. The smoke poses even more of a threat to the residence and puts occupants at extreme risk. Toxic chemicals flourish in smoke, causing severe damage to the building and the resident’s health.

If a home catches fire, the homeowner must exit the residence immediately before the smoke overwhelms the interior. Smoke kills more people than fire, so avoid inhaling it as much as possible while escaping.

2. Myth: Smoke Detectors Are Enough

Smoke detectors alert homeowners of potential fires before they engulf their homes. Although they are viable tools, they don’t provide enough protection against raging fires.

Having one or two fire extinguishers available or installing a sprinkler system gives residents an extra layer of protection from fires. However, homeowners shouldn’t try to combat the fire themselves. Only use the fire extinguishers to resolve smaller, less-lethal fires or make a safe pathway exiting the home.

3. Myth: Sprinklers Cause More Damage Than Fires

Although water can severely damage your home and may demand a water damage restoration expert to resolve, fires cause much more harm to the residence. Sprinklers only activate when they detect a fire close by and extinguish flames before spreading to additional rooms. Sprinklers in non-affected rooms won’t trigger, meaning water damage only occurs in rooms set ablaze.

It’s better (and cheaper) to deal with water damage in a single room than to have the fire spread throughout the house. You also won’t have to spend as much on fire restoration if the fire only engulfs one room.

4. Myth: Electrical Malfunctions Cause Most Fires

Although an electrical malfunction can cause a fire, it isn’t the main culprit like many people believe. In fact, electrical malfunctions only caused 6.5% of home fires in 2016. Cooking and heating equipment generates far more fires than electrical issues, so keep that in mind when installing fire retardant equipment around the home.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in the North Dallas Area

If a fire recently engulfed your home and you need an experienced fire damage restoration team by your side, contact SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison. The SERVPRO team can handle everything from flood damage restoration to commercial cleaning. SERVPRO is Coppell and West Addison’s leading fire restoration company and can give you first-class fire damage restoration services at a fair and affordable price.

Don’t wait. Contact SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison via their website or call (972) 233-8400 and take back your home from fire damage today!

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