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How Does Water Damage Restoration Limit Property Damage After A Disaster?

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison shares details about why property owners should allow the professionals to remove water from their properties after a flood, burst pipe, or other water damage event.

Water Damage Restoration Company Shares Why Water Extraction Is Necessary

Property owners in Las Colinas, TX, may want professional assistance following a water damage event like a flood, sewage backup, or burst pipe. These events introduce immense amounts of water into properties, resulting in structural damage or mold growth.

Fast water extraction and water damage restoration allow property owners to address these issues while returning their properties to better-than-new condition. SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison offers complete restoration services.

Why Schedule Water Extraction?

Property owners have three primary reasons to schedule prompt water removal:

Prevent Mold Growth

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mold begins growing and spreading within 48 hours of water damage events. Mold grows well in damp and dark environments, such as under floors or inside walls damaged by water, so it can be hard to find without using professional tools.

Water damage restoration and water extraction get excess moisture out of properties in Las Colinas. Once mold establishes a foothold in a property, it’s much more difficult and expensive to get rid of it. In addition, spores can infest HVAC ducts, spreading even after initial mold cleanup.

Reduce Total Property Damage

In addition to issues with mold, water causes increasing amounts of damage over time. Allowing water to remain in a property often leads to structural damage and problems with drywall, insulation, and other building materials.

Avoid Pest Infestations

Many pests look for moist environments to grow and multiply. Insects especially look for damp locations. Property owners often notice infestations of springtails, cockroaches, and crickets after water damage events.

Fortunately, companies with highly trained technicians who handle water and storm damage restoration can quickly address issues with excess moisture.

What to Expect from Water Extraction

Water damage restoration professionals take care of water removal in Coppell, West Addison, and surrounding areas. Teams often use:

  • Professional-grade pumps to remove large quantities of water
  • Truck-mounted vacuums to suck out water
  • Fans to dry damp areas
  • Dehumidifiers to further dry out properties

Crews may perform a commercial cleaning after removing water from the property to remove odors associated with moisture and humidity. Some technicians also use specialized scanners to look for hidden moisture on the property.

Situations That Require Water Extraction

Water extraction often becomes necessary after natural disasters like floods and hurricanes. Plumbing malfunctions, including burst pipes or slow leaks, may also require water removal from commercial or residential properties.

Property owners sometimes require help with water removal as part of the fire restoration process. Water damage often occurs as a result of fires due to sprinkler systems or the efforts of firefighters to control the flames.

In addition to handling smoke, soot, and ash removal, fire cleanup often involves water removal. The process may also require mold removal in some situations, especially if the water sits for an extended time.

Get professional help with water damage restoration and water extraction in the Coppell and Las Colinas, TX, area from SERVPRO. SERVPRO offers 24-hour emergency services and employs highly trained technicians who understand the needs of property owners in the local area.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison for water damage restoration services by calling (972) 233-8400.

Local Restoration Company Explains Why Water Removal Matters When Your Pipes Burst

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison details the water removal steps property owners should take in the event of a pipe burst in their commercial or residential property.

What to Do When Your Pipes Burst?

A burst pipe represents a major cause for concern for both commercial and residential property owners. Fortunately, individuals in this situation can get prompt help from the team at SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison.

Get expert advice on the best ways to handle water removal, cleanup, and water damage restoration in Addison with this article.

Take These Steps Following a Pipe Burst in Addison 

Property owners often feel unsure what to do immediately after a pipe bursts. Taking the correct steps limits property damage and makes repairs easier. The experts at SERVPRO recommend:

Turning Off the Property’s Main Water Valve

Shutting off the main water valve stops additional water from entering the property. Individuals may contact maintenance staff or landlords if they cannot find the main water valve on their own.

Shutting Off the Electricity

Exposing excess water to electricity can result in electrocution. Turn off the electricity at the main breaker box if possible. However, no one should approach the box if it is surrounded by water or otherwise unreachable.

Reaching Out to a Plumber

Plumbers identify the reason for the burst pipe and begin immediate repairs, stopping further damage to the property. Pipes burst due to:

  • Corrosion caused by time and wear and tear
  • Movement of pipes over time
  • Clogs in the plumbing system
  • Freezing temperatures in the winter months

Plumbers may need to replace piping or make other system adjustments to ensure that other pipes do not burst.

Calling a Restoration Company

Getting professional help with water removal and cleanup limits the damage to properties in the Addison area. Damage restoration companies bring along professional-grade equipment for water extraction, including:

  • Large pumps
  • Truck-mounted vacuums
  • Fans
  • Dehumidifiers

Restoration companies handle the cleanup and repair process. They work to bring your property back to better-than-new condition.

Documenting the Damage

Property owners must document all the damage caused by a pipe burst. Take pictures of the damage to the building, furniture, and other possessions. The insurance company will likely ask for these photos later when determining how much compensation to offer.

Handling Other Forms of Property Damage in Allison

Property owners sometimes experience water damage from events other than burst pipes. Storm damage restoration may prove necessary after heavy rains cause flooding, for example.

In addition, some property owners notice damage due to a leaking pipe or sewage backup. Sewage backups expose properties to black water, which contains dangerous bacteria and contaminants that could cause illness.

Property restoration companies like SERVPRO also handle smoke and fire restoration. Fires often start in the kitchen or due to improper wiring in the electric system of a home or business. Fires spread rapidly and may also lead to water damage due to the use of fire hoses and sprinkler systems.

SERVPRO uses years of experience and training with water damage restoration and water removal to assist property owners in the Coppell and Addison, TX, area. The licensed, bonded, and insured crews use specialized equipment to handle property repairs and provide 24-hour emergency responses.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison by calling (972) 233-8400 for water removal services.

Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Company Reviews Steps to Take Before the Fire Restoration Process

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The professionals at SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison explain the steps leading up to fire damage cleanup and handling restoration after a commercial or residential fire.

4 Things to Consider Before Fire Damage Cleanup

Fires cause an immense amount of damage to commercial and residential properties. Fortunately, fire damage cleanup allows property owners to get their properties back into excellent condition, moving forward.

Reviewing information about fire restoration helps property owners feel more confident about the process. Find out what to expect and the steps to take before cleanup crews arrive with the experts at SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison.

#1: Find the Right Property Restoration Company

Most property owners decide not to handle fire damage restoration on their own. The cleanup process requires specialized equipment and training to handle correctly. Therefore, experts generally recommend that homeowners work with a professional damage restoration company.

A reputable team can take care of:

  • Smoke, ash, and soot removal
  • Repairs for structural and aesthetic damages
  • Water damage restoration

While it may seem counterintuitive to look for help with water damage after a fire, the reality is that fires often result in damage from sprinkler systems and water hoses. Selecting a company with water restoration experience makes the cleanup process less complicated.

#2: Contact the Insurance Company

Before anyone begins commercial cleaning following a fire, the experts recommend reaching out to the insurance company. First, insurance agents need to know about any property damage, including smoke or fire damage. Then, once the company knows about the damage, they provide information about compensation and reimbursement for repair costs.

In order to get full coverage for any losses, property owners generally need to provide proof regarding the damage caused by the fire. For example, the company may ask for pictures of the property before repairs begin and an itemized list of property damaged by the flames.

#3: Look for Alternative Housing

Generally, homeowners cannot stay in their homes after a fire. Fire and smoke cause extensive damage and negatively impact the home’s indoor air quality. In addition, staying inside exposes individuals to dangerous chemicals and contaminants that lead to short-term symptoms.

Long-term exposure to the chemicals can result in more severe conditions, especially if the damaged property contains asbestos. Therefore, most property owners need to find a new place to stay until the cleanup process ends.

#4: Secure the Property After Any Form of Damage

Part of both fire and storm damage restoration involves securing a property to ensure that it does not sustain further damage. Often, this requires a company to perform boarding-up services. Technicians hammer boards over missing doors and windows or cover damaged portions of the roof with a tarp.

Board-up service helps prevent the elements from causing additional damage to a property before fire damage cleanup can begin. It also keeps other people from entering the property.

Property owners can get around-the-clock emergency help with fire restoration by reaching out to the team at SERVPRO in Coppell, TX. Crews have years of experience and training, allowing them to help with the removal of smoke, ash, soot, and more. They have the equipment to take care of even the toughest cleanup jobs.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400 for help with fire damage cleanup.

SERVPRO Outlines 5 Signs You Need a Water Damage Restoration Company

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Whether from a storm or a leaky pipe, water damage wreaks havoc on homes. SERVPRO discusses the signs of severe water damage that mean it’s time to call a professional restoration company

5 Telltale Signs You Need Help in Your Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can affect nearly every surface in your home and can be challenging to address. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison for efficient water damage restoration services at (972) 233-8400.

Few surfaces in homes are entirely immune to water damage, and many water restoration companies charge high prices to help repair the effects.

Fortunately, SERVPRO offers emergency water restoration services at an affordable price. In Coppell or Las Colinas, TX, there is no better option than SERVPRO. While homeowners can sometimes address minor water damage, this article will provide some telltale signs that it’s time to hire a professional.

1. Water Staining

The most apparent sign of water damage within a home is water staining. These stains typically appear as darkened areas and commonly appear on walls and other wooden surfaces in the house. Dirty marks on the home’s exterior can also signal a water leak.

When dealing with water stains, the first step is water cleanup. Removing water from the area will prevent further damage. It’s crucial to call a water damage restoration to remove the water stains.

2. Damaged or Warping Wood

When water damage progresses beyond staining, the next symptom homeowners often notice is warped wood. While finished or painted wood can resist water effectively, lumber is a naturally absorbent material. This means that when water comes in contact with exposed wood, it soaks in, causing the wood to expand.

3. Bubbles in Paint

Another telltale sign of water damage is paint that begins to bubble. Water causes this effect by sinking underneath the paint, separating it from the wall. Because paint protects the wall from moisture, bubbling paint can signify significant structural damage if left unchecked.

4. Presence of Mold

Anytime mold is detected within a home, a water leak is likely to blame. Mold needs water to grow, so its presence means water is somewhere nearby. In addition, mold can cause a range of problems, from unpleasant smells to severe health concerns.

The first step after discovering mold in a home should always be to find and address the leaking water. After this, the next step is hiring a professional for mold removal. Mold can be challenging to get rid of, but mold remediation companies use specific strategies to ensure the problem does not return.

For residents in the Coppell and West Addison areas, SERVPRO provides trustworthy mold removal services.

5. Higher Water Bills

While the signs above signal that water damage has already occurred, wary homeowners may be able to identify signs of a water leak before damage occurs. An excellent way to spot a potential issue is by monitoring water bills.

A sharp increase in water usage can be a distinct sign of a leak, as the leak wastes water even when the faucets and appliances in the home are off. If a homeowner suspects a leak, scheduling an inspection with a water and fire restoration company is wise.

SERVPRO is an experienced water damage restoration company serving the residents of Texas. The team has experience repairing residential and commercial water damage and providing commercial cleaning services. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400 for rapid repairs if a water leak has damaged your home or business.

How Flood Restoration Can Help You Cope With Storm Damage

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO, Texas’s premier water damage restoration company, explains how water cleanup services can help clients cope with storm damage. As an experienced water and fire restoration company, SERVPRO provides flood restoration services for any residential or commercial property.

Importance of Excellent Flood Restoration Services to Help Cope with Storm Damage

While engineers design modern homes using durable materials with maximum resilience in mind, nothing is genuinely invulnerable to the weather.

During storms, an immense amount of wind and water can strike your home, damaging materials in your roof and walls. Additionally, lightning strikes or falling objects can cause structural damage and even cause fires.

Dealing with significant home damage can be overwhelming, so finding reliable local water restoration companies is essential. SERVPRO is an excellent option for homeowners located in Coppell, TX. As an experienced water and fire restoration company, SERVPRO provides commercial and residential flood restoration services.

Why Flood Restoration is Important

When a storm damages a home or business, various problems can arise. Depending on the level of damage, it can be challenging to determine whether repairs are necessary. Homeowners should consider the following factors when deciding whether to hire a water damage restoration service.

Safety Concerns

When a home is damaged, safety is the most critical factor to consider. While many examples of storm or flood damage cause more visual than physical problems, certain types of damage can be hazardous to residents and visitors.

For example, strong winds can loosen roof shingles, creating a risk of debris falling on people below. A lightning strike can also cause significant issues, as the resulting fire damage can weaken the roof’s structural integrity. Fortunately, fire restoration companies can help restore the safety of buildings following lightning damage.

Another effect of storm damage that is legitimately hazardous to health is mold growth. Mold thrives near water and can cause foul odors and breathing issues.

When residents notice mold in their home or business, urgent action is required. Fortunately, as an experienced mold remediation company, SERVPRO can help with water cleanup and mold removal to return the home to an even safer condition than before the storm struck.

Aesthetic Appeal

While safety is a priority, it’s natural to want your home or business to look appealing. Unfortunately, storm damage can ruin the look of even the most stunning homes and businesses, so exploring flood restoration services is sometimes necessary.

Water damage can cause stains and bubbles to appear on a building’s walls and deposit dirt and debris on the surfaces it flows over. These signs of wear can negatively impact the overall appearance of even expertly decorated homes and businesses.

This aesthetic damage is especially crucial for business owners, as curb appeal is a significant factor in determining potential customers’ first impressions. For this reason, business owners should consider using a commercial cleaning service to restore the look of their building following a storm.

SERVPRO offers quality flood restoration services to residential and commercial clients and specializes in repairing commercial water damage.

When it comes to repairing storm or water damage, it’s essential to choose an experienced professional. The repairs involved with storm damage can be complex and often affect several different parts of the building, as water can penetrate walls and roofs and seep into the foundation.

When a storm or flood damages your Texas home or business, even if things seem bleak, you’re not alone. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400 for quality flood restoration services.

SERVPRO Explains the Steps to Address Commercial Water Damage

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO explains the steps to take to handle a water damage situation in your business. Commercial water damage can damage a business's aesthetic appeal and cost money in time spent closed for repairs.

5 Steps to Take if You Experience Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage can damage a business's aesthetic appeal and cost money in time spent closed for repairs.

Storm damage can be a significant obstacle for a business to overcome. Wind, water, and lightning damage take a toll on both a building's structural integrity and its aesthetic appeal. In addition, apparent damage to the exterior of a building may make a negative first impression on customers.

The problems water damage causes can persist after repairs are complete, particularly when water restoration companies rush through the repair process. Water can soak into wooden floors and walls, leading to warping and rotting. Mold also thrives in high-moisture conditions, so the building may need mold removal service after repairs are complete.

SERVPRO offers affordable and efficient water removal services in Addison, Texas, and the surrounding area. The team has handled hundreds of commercial and residential, so customers can have complete confidence that SERVPRO will complete their water damage restoration project efficiently and thoroughly.

1. Dry the Area

When a water leak or flood occurs, rapid water cleanup is vital. Quickly drying the area prevents water from soaking into surfaces, minimizing the required repairs. As long as nothing is damaged before drying, it's likely that the only maintenance needed will be to repair the leak itself.

2. Assess the Damage

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to catch a leak early enough to prevent damage. When water pools on surfaces, it will eventually penetrate the material. Wood is particularly susceptible to this and will expand and rot when exposed to excessive moisture.

One way to determine if water damage has already begun is to check for telltale signs. For example, warping wooden surfaces or bubbling in paint signals that water has penetrated the material.

Additionally, if a slow leak continues for a while without being discovered, it can create ideal conditions for mold growth. Mold causes unpleasant aromas and even health effects, so this situation requires the help of a mold remediation company. For business owners in Coppell and West Addison, SERVPRO offers commercial cleaning services, including mold removal.

3. Shut Water Off

If the leak is coming from a water pipe or interior appliance, it's crucial to turn it off. However, powering down the device may not be sufficient, so it's always safest to close the pipe or turn off the water to the building.

If the leak is in the roof, using something to collect or soak up the escaping water can be an effective way to minimize damage until professional help arrives.

4. Consider Safety Risks

While storm or water damage can be inconvenient and unappealing, it also creates more pressing concerns. Rotting wood is far less structurally stable than healthy wood, and certain types of mold can cause health effects. Business owners should always choose an experienced water restoration company rather than attempt a DIY repair.

5. Contact a Professional

Dealing with water damage to a home or business can be a frustrating and stressful experience. While emergency water restoration can be expensive, SERVPRO offers affordable service and flexible scheduling to get clients' businesses back to normal as soon as possible.

When storm damage occurs, a rapid response by a skilled water and fire restoration company is crucial. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400 for expert water removal service to minimize repair costs and further damage stemming from your water leak.

Understanding Water Damage and Why Commercial Water Removal Is Necessary After a Flood

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Water removal should happen as soon as possible after flooding. Unattended water buildup increases the resulting damage with each passing hour. Keep reading to learn key water damage statistics and learn why professional water removal is a must-have after a flood.

Water Damage Statistics that Show Why Professional Water Removal is Crucial for Businesses

Water damage to a commercial property can be costly following a disaster. The business owner must pay to replace damaged inventory and repair damaged floors and walls. Not to mention that business must shut down for this restoration to occur, resulting in lost revenue.

For information on efficient commercial water damage and water removal, contact SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison, a local water damage restoration company that also offers mold, chemical, and fire restoration to businesses near Las Colinas, TX.

Types of Water Damage

There are three categories of water damage to property:

  1. Category 1- Clean water refers to leaky pipes, overflowing sinks, and rain damage. This damage poses minimal risk to health if dealt with quickly.
  2. Category 2 - Gray water refers to water damage from equipment leaks and chemical waste. This damage poses mild to severe risks.
  3. Category 3 - Black water refers to sewerage, grease, oil, or flood water from rivers, lakes, and natural disasters. The likelihood of illness from contact or ingestion is greater than 90%. As such, professional water removal and sanitation is required.

Varying Degrees of Damage

Regardless of the kind of water damage, water buildup can cause worsening deterioration of health and personal property. Water damage can saturate floors and furniture within minutes while destroying inventory and equipment.

Within days, water damage allows mold and fungus growth. Wood furniture swells severely, and wood floors become unsalvageable.

Within weeks, the damaged property becomes hazardous and unlivable. Compromised structural integrity requires gutting down to the studs.

Increasing Costs

Water damage can occur from unknown leaks or natural disasters. Since 2005, insurance claims related to water damages have increased by 2% each year.

Floods are the primary cause of property damage claims. Nearly 99% of counties in the United States have experienced flooding since 1996, and flood insurance rates have increased each year. Even one inch of flood water damage can result in over $25,000 in damages. 

Undetected leaks can lead to colossal water waste and severe damage. A faulty toilet can lose 200 gallons of water each day. A one-eighth-inch crack in a pipe can lose 250 gallons of water each day. 

The number of water damage claims identifying greater than $50,000 in water damage restoration costs has doubled since 2005, and insurance companies spend $2.5 billion on damages each year.

Preventing Water Damage in Commercial Spaces

Preventing water damage requires a plan of action. It is possible to help prevent flooding requiring storm damage restoration.

Before a storm or hurricane hits, board windows and block doors with sandbags. Maintain and repair weak, aging, or damaged roofs to prevent catastrophic leaks during the storm.

Regularly inspect pipes for leaks, cracks, or signs of damage. Schedule regular water meter evaluations and be aware of unexpected increases in water consumption, which can indicate a leak.

A Premiere Water Damage Restoration Company | SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison

Regardless of how it happens, handle water removal as soon as possible. Extensive water damage requires commercial cleaning services. SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison understands water removal, providing 24-hour water and fire restoration services to ensure customer satisfaction, health, and safety.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400 in Coppell, TX, today for more information on water removal services.

Fire Damage Restoration Company Explains How Fire Damage Affects Property

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison discuss how heat and smoke can cause warping, staining, and odor to personal property. Fire damage restoration restores homes and protects homeowners from health risks after a fire.

How Fire Damage Affects Homes and How Restoration Services Can Help

Not all property damage comes from direct contact with fire. The professional fire restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison explain other sources of damage resulting from fire. They specialize in all forms of restoration, including water damage restoration and storm damage restoration.

Lingering Effects of Fire Damage

Early handling of fire damage means a greater chance of success in salvaging personal property. Permanent damage such as rust and corrosion could result if damage remediation doesn’t happen quickly. A fire can affect property in three additional ways.

Melting and Warping

Fire creates intense heat. In the enclosed indoor areas of a home, heat radiates quickly into adjoining spaces. Plastic, metal, or glass furniture and belongings can melt and warp with prolonged exposure to this heat.

Soot and Discoloration

After a fire, painted metal, wood, photographs, and documents can tarnish and discolor. This tarnishing results from soot particles spreading through the air and ventilation systems before settling into cracks and surface pores.

Lingering smoke damage and soot also cause poor air quality and health effects.

Smoke Odors

A smokey smell also settles into cracks and surfaces. Because soot can travel easily through air and ventilation and cling to other items in the home, the smell of smoke can spread quickly and linger until wiped clean with soap and water.

Personal property made of fabric is highly susceptible to lingering odor after a fire. Scrubbing clean or running the materials through the washing machine may reduce odors, but professional fire restoration is the best way to ensure a safe, nontoxic home free of smoke.

Commercial Cleaning and Restoration Services

It is essential to look at specific factors for fire damage restoration.

Type and Extent of Damage

Smoke odor and slight discoloration may be easy to resolve, making certain items salvageable after fire damage restoration. No matter how minor, melting and warping of personal property is permanent and will require discarding altogether.


Complete restoration is not always possible. Although homeowners may be reluctant to throw out damaged belongings, it is essential to evaluate the restoration cost before deciding to keep an item. Sometimes, restoration costs more than replacing the item with a new one.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Cleaning complex personal property or large structures within the home requires specialty equipment. Although equipment might be available to rent, knowing how much is needed and operating directions are essential.

Similar to water damage restoration, it is incredibly beneficial to consult with professionals when beginning fire restoration. Even if they do not perform the work, they can explain what items are salvageable, what isn’t, and what to look at when making that determination.

Fire damage restoration professionals use industry-leading equipment, have proper cleaning agents, and have years of experience restoring homes after fires.

About the Company

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison, in addition to Las Colinas, TX, is the leading fire damage restoration professional in the area, including mold and water damage restoration. Striving for 100% customer satisfaction and understanding the need to resolve issues quickly, SERVPRO provides 24-hour emergency cleaning services at affordable rates.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400 for fire damage restoration in Las Colinas, TX.

Why SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison, TX, is a Renowned Local Flood Restoration Specialist in Coppell and West Addison, TX

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison, TX, has everything a client should look for in damage restoration specialists. Learn more about what sets the company apart from other flood restoration services.SERVPRO: A Primere Flood Restoration Company in Coppell and West Addison, TX

Water damage restoration requires trained specialists. Locally, no one is better at flood restoration services than SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison.

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison is a locally owned and operated business specializing in commercial and residential damage restoration services and mold, water, storm, and fire restoration.

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison understands the impact of these damages and therefore offers 24-hour emergency services. The team proudly serves eight cities within the community and prides itself on having the fastest response times in an emergency.

What Sets SERVPRO Apart from the Competition?

When selecting a company to perform damage restoration, it is essential to identify their skills and experience.

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison has a reputation as a dedicated damage restoration company, providing storm damage restoration and other restoration services. With a local resource team of damage restoration professionals, SERVPRO can answer your restoration questions and provide top-tier services.

Licensed, Certified, and Trained Technicians

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison hires only trained, certified, and insured technicians. These highly trained and experienced technicians undergo continuous training every year.

Being insured means they are financially backed, relieving the customer of any liability or further expenses, should something go wrong during the restoration process.

Locally Owned and Operated Restoration Company in West Addison, TX

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison understands that emergencies can happen at any time and is available for their clients 24/7. If Coppell and West Addison residents experience storm damage and flooding, SERVPRO responds as fast as possible to provide water damage restoration and storm damage restoration immediately.

SERVPRO is not a drive-through service company that comes into town following a storm and immediately leaves customers with no resources for help. They serve eight communities in the area, including Addison, TX.

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison offers 24-hour emergency flood restoration services seven days a week, including holidays.

The team specializes in multiple areas of damage restoration. This specialization means they are trained experts who have mastered essential skills to restore your home or business quickly after disaster strikes.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

After a storm, fire, or flood, dealing with an insurance company is often the last thing homeowners want to do. SERVPRO takes on this burden by working with insurance companies to make filing claims as stress-free as possible.

SERVPRO puts quality and customer satisfaction first, communicating with clients to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

The damage restoration services return customer properties to preloss conditions with professional and commercial cleaning services.

West Addison’s Top-Rated Flood Restoration Company

Customers needing the best local damage restoration, whether for fire, mold, storm, or flood damage restoration services, need to look no further than SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison.

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison is an industry leader in damage restoration, utilizing top-of-the-line equipment and materials to get the job done right.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400 to learn more about flood restoration services.

Qualities to Look for in a Professional Mold Removal Company

2/28/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO draws on more than 50 years of experience as a residential and commercial restoration company to highlight what property owners in Coppell, TX, should look for when choosing a mold removal service.

Traits to Look for When Choosing a Mold Removal Company

Friendly, Professional Customer Service

The hallmark of any successful business is the foundation of trust formed between the company and its customers.

For property owners seeking residential or commercial cleaning and restoration services such as mold removal or fire restoration, a business's customer service quality and attitude are critical. Quality, personable service can transform potentially stressful situations into well-managed recoveries with as little as a compassionate approach.

Certification and Licensing

Mold removal is a potentially hazardous task. The removal and subsequent sanitation processes often involve toxic cleaning chemicals such as ammonia and bleach.

Professional mold removal companies undergo thorough training, certification, and licensing before selling their services. These training processes ensure the customer's safety and that of the technicians, the customer's family, and all property. 

A licensed professional mold remediation company in Texas, will follow rules and regulations set forth by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). The representative will advise potential customers on procedures needing to be followed to help ensure proper mold remediation and allow the customer to receive a Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation. 

Property owners seeking mold removal in Coppell, TX, should choose a restoration company that holds valid licensing for the services offered.


Any responsible business actively protects its workers as well as its clients. This protection is vital for companies that perform potentially hazardous services, such as water damage restoration or mold removal.

A comprehensive business insurance policy is one of the best ways for a cleaning and restoration service, like SERVPRO, to safeguard clients, technicians, and property. Clients who need professional mold removal or damage cleanup services should ask about insurance policies before hiring a company for a job.

Thorough Inspections and Testing

Often, homeowners mold and mildew for dirt because they may not look like traditional fungal contaminations. This type of insidious damage may spread in hidden areas between walls or dark, poorly ventilated spaces.

Full-Service Removal and Protection

In many cases, mold and mildew are the byproducts of water damage or flooding, either due to plumbing issues, severe weather, or both. Water damage is a compound problem, posing multiple hazards before, during, and after cleanup.

An experienced and thorough mold removal company typically works with or provides storm damage restoration services. Full-service storm damage restoration companies have comprehensive experience and knowledge of various issues, from burst pipes to basement flooding. As a result, these technicians can:

  •       Adequately assess safety hazards in different environments
  •       Address underlying causes of flooding or water damage
  •       Remove standing water as well as water absorbed by walls, floors, and other surfaces
  •       Chemically sanitize mold and mildew
  •       Apply measures to prevent mold and mildew regrowth

Affordable, Experienced Mold Removal in Coppell, TX

Well-meaning startup companies may tempt clients with unbeatable prices but fail to deliver on quality, guarantees, and more. Choosing a company with personal customer service, valid licensing, insured technicians, and comprehensive services helps guarantee a job done right for the right price.

SERVPRO is proud to bring more than half a century of experience and high-quality service to Coppell, TX, and surrounding areas. We use the latest techniques and technology to provide leading restoration, mitigation, and cleaning services, including mold removal. 

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400 to learn what we mean when we say our motto is “Like it never even happened.”