Commercial Photo Gallery

Water Damage in a Carrollton, TX Church Office

A water damage can happen at any time including on an early Sunday morning before a church service. As you can see in this picture, the office at a church in Carrollton, TX had water that seeped in from outside and soaked their carpet. They thought fast and called SERVPRO of Metrocrest to assist with their water damage. Our team was able to extract the water and set up our drying equipment before their first service began.

SERVPRO Here to Help in Plano, TX - 14 Story Bldg Flood

SERVPRO of Metrocrest was called out to a water damage with 3 floors affected at a 14 story building in Plano, TX that was just being finished.  The water leak was caused by a HVAC bleed line.  SERVPRO of Metrocrest was on-site within 30 minutes of receiving the call.

For more information on the services that SERVPRO of Metrocrest provides regarding water and mold damage cleanup for your commercial or residential structure, please visit our website or call:

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Commercial Flood Damage in Carrollton, TX

Water extraction and drying on a commercial water damage that occurred due to a toilet running all weekend. SERVPRO of Metrocrest arrived on the loss site and quickly decontaminated and mitigated the water damage. The property manager was very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism that the SERVPRO of Metrocrest team displayed.

SERVPRO of Metrocrest Rolls Up to Water Damage at 16,000 Sq Ft Building

A sewage water backup occurred at a large bank in Carrollton, TX that affected over 7,000 sq ft of the 16,000 sq ft building. SERVPRO of Metrocrest responded after being notified by the property manager, and was on-site beginning cleanup within 20 minutes of the call.  SERVPRO of Metrocrest is ready for any size disaster.

Denton Apartment Bldg - 100,000 sq ft

SERVPRO Of Metrocrest was called to dry out an apartment building in Denton that was under construction. The building was over 100,000 sq ft with about 60,000 sq ft affected with water damage from a busted pipe. SERVPRO dried the building out with a large desiccant, over 100 LGR's and 500 air movers.

Cleanup of Flooded Office Building in Plano, TX

SERVPRO of Metrocrest was called at 9:48 pm to a flooded office building in Plano, TX.  The second floor water heater had busted and continued to run continuously to the first floor of the business.  Over 6,000 sq ft of glue down carpet and tile floors were wet from the water damage.  SERVPRO of Metrocrest arrived on-site by 10:45 pm and extracted all standing water while moving office furniture and other miscellaneous contents.  After extraction, SERVPRO of Metrocrest setup 10 LGR dehumidifiers and over 60 air movers to dry out the affected walls, ceiling, and floors.  SERVPRO of Metrocrest is ALWAYS ready when disaster strikes, whether it's a residential or commercial structure.